The act of printing is probably the most intimate moment between the photographer and the moment he has immortalized. Buying this moment helps not only to support the photographer in his activity but increases the possibility of living that moment daily, in everyday life, at home or in the office.

Presets are a way to extend my vision of photography not only from a visual point of view but also from an emotional and communicative one. I have enclosed in three packs my three styles of seeing street photography and not starting from the urban context, passing through the cinematic one, finally arriving at black and white. I hope you can use them to the fullest and then show me the results obtained in post production! The presets are compatible with all versions of Lightroom Desktop as well as its mobile version, also for owners of apple devices I have inserted the DNGs in the folders to extract the preset values from some of my photographs.

Photo books are a way to extend a well-defined story to the public. In this case I created two Fanzines (e-books) to download for the price of a normal coffee at the bar, to show you two photographic projects, related to street photography, which I care very much. I hope you understand my way of seeing things and empathize with it.